Allthread & Studbolts

Allthread (or Studding) is generally fully – threaded bar.

Studs are also referred to as Engineer’s Studs, although it is common for lengths of allthread (or studding) that are cut to size to be known as Studbolts, whilst a length of bar with a plain portion and threaded ends is generally known as an Engineer’s Stud.

Double-ended Engineer’s Studs of equal thread length are known as Tie-Rods.

Boka Bolt Supplies stock and can manufacture to order Allthread, Studs and Studbolts in all materials and grades including B8, B8X, Grades B7 and L7.

Threadforms include Metric, BSW, BSF, UNC & UNF.

Protective surface coatings include Xylan, Sherardizing, Zinc Plating and Galvanising.

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